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Before the building goes up, Westco steel goes in. Westco Iron Works fabricates and erects structural steel, miscellaneous metals, stairs, rails, and ornamental metals for large-scale construction projects around the Bay Area.


It’s not the steel, it’s the customer service that makes the difference at Westco Iron Works. That means we work closely with general contractors to deliver the best steel value at the lowest possible cost. We offer design build and design assist services that walk you through the bid package. 3D modeling services lets you get a detailed, and advanced look at your project. Expertise in the purchasing process, inventory availability, and mill capacity helps us recognize long lead times, and work around complex installation schedules. Expert, union Westco Iron Works ironworkers fabricate steel components to precise tolerances. On the job site, our union erectors work to the highest standard, insuring quality control from the ground up.

Example Structural

Structural Steel

Strength from the ground up. Structural steel from Westco Iron Works is an essential part of large-scale construction projects around the Bay Area. Based on your detailed construction drawings, we fabricate beams, columns, girders and trusses to meet demanding specifications.

Example Seismic Upgrades

Seismic Upgrades

We’re seismic experts! We’re experienced in the newer FEMA requirements as well as the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) manual. Whether it’s quality control, facilitating the latest steel construction requirement, or the implementation of code for design-built or design-assist projects, we deliver an extra measure of safety and security in active seismic zones.

Services Example Ornamental

Ornamental Metals

Time to shine. Some steel is just too good looking to hide behind the façade of a building. Ornamental metals from Westco include architecturally exposed steel in primed, painted, or powder coated finishes. High-end non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel and bronze can showcase the best features of your projects. We fabricate and install custom spec metal projects that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Example Miscellaneous Metals

Miscellaneous Metals

Industrial strength. Westco Iron Works builds railings, canopies, stairs, ladders, and gates. Miscellaneous metal fabrication, finishing and installation from Westco Iron Works provides functional and decorative steel architectural components. Anything you can draw, we can build.

Example LEED Certified

LEED Building

Green steel. When it comes to construction, steel may be the greenest building material of all. In 2006, two out of every three tons of steel made in the U.S. came from recycled materials. Recycled steel is easier on the environment, requires less energy to produce, and is just as strong as virgin steel. When it comes to LEED Building, Westco can help you achieve LEED certification, with steel that meets or exceed your requirements for recycled materials, strength and durability. We can locally source materials, lowering the cost of transportation as well as your building’s carbon footprint.