Welcome to WeSTco

We’re ironworkers and steel fabrication erection is in our blood. We opened Westco Iron Works in 2005 and in that time, we have helped build some of Northern California’s major projects. We have helped build hospitals, schools, hi-tech data-centers, structural steel, miscellaneous metals, highrise, highly technical seismic upgrades and spiral stairs.

This is WeSTco Iron Works with the ability to handle any project thrown our way.

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Before the building goes up, Westco steel goes in. Westco Iron Works fabricates and erects structural steel, miscellaneous metals, stairs, rails, and ornamental metals for large-scale construction projects around the Bay Area.

Our Work

You can rely on the power of steel to carry the load. And you can rely on Westco Iron Works to provide the steel for the landmark buildings of the Bay Area. Including yours. Check out our work.

Our Process


We work hand in hand with contractors to bring steel talent and technology to solve, innovate and excel. Our ownership group is not just committed to your project, they are involved from start to finish.


When you build with Westco, you build with confidence. we empower all levels of our organization to make a difference on every project through hard work and knowledgeable ideas.