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At Westco Iron Works were proud of our ability to fabricate and erect steel for the most complex, demanding construction projects in the Bay Area. Over the years we’ve built an enviable track record of accomplishments. 100 years from now, these buildings will be the defining landmarks of Northern California.

Featured Projects

49 Geary

San Francisco, CA

Contract Value:
San Rafael Corporate Center

San Rafael, CA

Contract Value:

The landmark building at 49 Geary is home to San Francisco’s most prestigious art galleries ... More >>

Westco Iron Works fabricated and erected over 150 tons of miscellaneous and architectural ... More >>

Offices at 1st Street

San Jose, CA

Contract Value:
Genentech Building B9A

South San Francisco, CA

Contract Value:


For the three multi-level office buildings and parking garage, Westco Iron Works fabricated ... More >>

To house three new large boilers at biotech leader Genentech, Westco provided fabrication ... More >>

Waterbar Restaurant

San Francisco, CA

Contract Value:
Evergreen Valley College

San Jose, CA

Contract Value:


Located beneath the Bay Bridge, Waterbar Restaurant offers diners spectacular ... More >>

The new performing arts theater at Evergreen Valley College gets a standing ovation ... More >>

SFO Secured Conector

South San Francisco, CA

Contract Value:


Redwood City Courthouse

Redwood City, CA

Contract Value:


To ease traffic congestion on this busy airport access road, Westco Iron Works worked ... More >>

For the renovation of the Redwood City Courthouse, Westco Ironworks fabricated light structural steel ... More >>



Our client list

We build relationships.

With a client list that includes:

BNB Norcal
Devcon Construction
DPR Construction, Inc.
Hensel Phelps
Rudolph and Sletten
Swinerton Builders
Vance Brown Builders
XL Construction
Blach Construction Company
Dome Construction Corporation

Hathaway Dinwiddie
Hallmark Construction
HMH Construction

Howard S. Wright Construction
JM O’Neill, Inc.
Lescure Company
TBI Construction
Turner Construction
WL Butler Construction Co.
Fisher Development

Builders around the Bay Area rely on Westco Iron Works. Over the years we’ve built a track record as a trusted partners, helping our clients find value beyond the lowest priced bid. When we bid a job we deliver more than a truckload of steel, we deliver confidence to do the job right. Our comprehensive proposals save our clients time, money and aggravation with design assist and design build services. We take into account every bolt, screw and weld with plans that encompass contract engineering, ordering material with long lead times, to fabrication, delivery and erection of steel for the signature buildings that define the Bay Area skyline.


Project List

Solyndra Fab 2 :: Rudolph & Sletten, Inc.

Apple Valco VP02 :: DPR Construction, Inc.

Hewlett Packard :: DPR Construction, Inc.

Moffett Towers Garage 2 :: Rudolph & Sletten, Inc.

Sacred Heart School :: DPR Construction, Inc.
$ 2,424,237.00

Lockheed Martin :: XL Construction

Amgen B17 & B19 :: XL Construction

The Plaza at Gale Ranch :: Shapell Industries

260 Homer Ave :: Webcor Builders

Mission Bay Block 26A :: Swinerton Builders

Conrac Parking Garage :: Hensel Phelps

Novartis :: DPR Construction, Inc.

Genentech BEG Phase Bldg 42 :: DPR Construction, Inc.

East Jamie Court :: BN Builders

San Jose Airport Terminals :: Hensel Phelps